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FortDoor company has 35 specialist permanent personnel within 5000 m² production area, and production capacities are 20.000 steel doors per year in Kayseri Organized Industrial Area, Fortdoor established in 2014.

We are adapting to the age of speed, technology and the increasing speed of modern and dynamic architecture.

FORTDOOR products range sales constantly increasing, within renewed and modernised in domestic and foreign markets with Reasearch & Development activities.

Our vision is that to deliver the products with the best quality, for the living spaces, with reliable, innovative and comfortable solutions, with the fastest way and shortest time, within best prices. Quality and customer satisfactions are the first principles of FORTDOOR.

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We Build Trust.

Innovation is often the ability to reach into the past and bring back what is good.

Customer satisfaction is a main target of FORTDOOR and develops production policy according to requests and expectations.

FORTDOOR aims to fulfill the promises of customers and their orders right on time.

High quality and respectful production approaches, leading the sector by adding aesthetic designs to different styles and textures.

FORTDOOR offers to customers with high quality and reasonable price policy.